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Our Focus Areas

Design for manufacturing (tool concept)


Measurement of theoretically deformed parts - 

Feasibility analysis

3D Scanning and  Measurements

Parts scanning and scanning of tool components

Measurement report of linear and GD&T dimension

Detailed analyse and list of needed improvements 

Reverse engineering -  part replica



Feasibility of Injection Moulded parts


Detailed analyse and list of needed improvements 

Part anaylse in Gom inspect software

Profile surface need to be according specification. Analyse shows that we have deviation. 

There is multiple reasons possible why we are not in tolerance. 

Tolerances are to narrow.

Usually this is discussed and align in inquiry phase with feasibility commitment - Where we do Moldflow and measurement of theoretically deformed parts

Other reasons

Alignment (datum system A, B, C) have to big impact on final result, toolmaker did a mistake, shrinkage and more. 

To discover what is the reason for deviation we continue with step 2 - detailed analyse of red dimensions

Detailed analyse of red dimensions
Needed improvements to reach requirements

There are two small steps (0,27mm height) on surface which have impact on result - Correction on the tool needed!

Reverse Engineering process





Measurement of

deformed parts and 

Feasibility of Injection

moulded parts


DFM - Design for manufacturing

DFM report is a bridge between product developers and mold makers.

It has been used in many manufacturing industries and has proven to be an effective way to increase efficiency and minimize failures.

A comprehensive DFM reporting mold manufacturing project will be the first step to success

Which information are part of DFM

  • Part and tool basic data

  • Raw material choice

  • Shrinkage

  • Layout of cavity inserts

  • Number of cavities and cavity material

  • Draft angle

  • Thickness design

  • Sink marks - potential sink marks will be seen after Moldflow analysis

  • Gate location

  • Parting line

  • Engraving



Moldflow F, P, W​

Moldflow F,P,W (filling, packing, warpage) analysis is part of DFM report  and must be performed before we start with tool design.

With this analysis we received feedback about gate location, actual filling time, gate freeze time, sink marks, total displacement. Only after positive moldflow analysis we can start with tool design.

Moldflow optimisation loop


When we have rough design of the tool we need to repeat Moldflow also with planned cooling channels. If there is some deviations-changes from first Moldflow we also implement those. 


Only in this case we will have realistic picture about warpage, direction of deformation etc.

After first analysis we can do one or more optimization loops – different cooling setup, process parameters etc. to achieve better results

Process parameters from Moldflow analyse are than starting parameters in Injection moulding department


Measurement of theoretically deformed parts

Deformed part is output of Moldflow analysis. 


For feasibility study you need to check if you are able to reach given tolerances on the drawing. With measurement of deformed parts this is possible.  

We​ can measure deformed part with professional equipment. The procedure is the same as when we measure scanned part

Usually deformations (warpage) and positioning of reference system are the main reasons why we have problems with reaching prescribed tolerances


3D Scanning and measurement reports


Scanning of parts and tool components

 Working on sophisticated equipment

Optical scanning of  tool components 

Reverse engineering - part replica

Measurement report of linear and GD&T dimension

Short lead time from receiving the parts to sending report. 



Personal pickup of parts if you need measurements ASAP


Measurement report of linear and GD&T dimension

Each part is scanned with high precision 3D inspection scanner 

Measurement is done with professional software according the drawing

You will receive scanned 3D model and measurement report. 

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